The Pillars Group, Inc.

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About The Pillars Group

The Pillars Group, LLC members are comprised of a management team with 20 years of Real Estate and Finance experience.  

Over the last decade the members of the company have gone from buying single families and small multi-family dwellings to investing in large portfolios of institutional-quality properties.

The company is headed by Anu Rettig who is experienced in sourcing product in new emerging markets across the nation. The Pillars Group is building its infrastructure to tackle the challenges of acquiring large multi-family deals while hiring experts in finance, economics, networking, valuation, asset management and due diligence.

The members of the Pillars Group are currently invested in 6 different states across the nation and continue to penetrate new growth markets actively.The Pillars Group welcomes new partnerships in Multi-family acquisitions, as well as new construction, Condo Conversion, Mixed Use and land development.

The core of the company's business model revolves around developing key relationships within a variety of growth markets across the country. At any given time, the company's network continues to grow and is presently infiltrating numerous emerging markets that have been identified to present the highest level of value and return for the Pillars Group and its affiliates.

Emerging Markets

Emerging markets can be labeled as new growth markets or correcting markets from a previous cycle downturn. There are several variables that are used to identify these markets from historic growth patterns and well as future projections that are weighed in the ultimate decision process. The demographic variables are just one component in this complex evaluation process and are used in conjunction with a myriad of other instruments in measuring whether a market is truly emerging.

The Pillars Group is moving towards a fully integrated full-service real estate company with investment services, development, and asset management.

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